80/20: Optimize your Business with The Pareto Principle

Approximately 80% of a company's value (measured by revenue) is derived from only 20% of its resources or efforts (its product lines & customer base). Wilfredo Pareto called it the law of the trivial many and the critical few, more widely known today as simply "The Pareto Principle".  The Pareto Principle has been widely touted as a business axiom for over a century but few people appreciate its implications or implement it correctly.

Strategex's 80/20 Profit Enhancement experts eat, sleep, and breathe 80/20 and have implemented this concept successfully time and time again. They are not theoreticians, lecturers, or workshop leaders; they've had years of real P&L responsibility with track records of earnings and profitability growth in once stagnant businesses.  They provide focused, detailed, custom-tailored growth strategies to businesses that seek aggressive, profitable, and sustainable growth.

Our people have a passion for our clients and for solving complex environmental engineering problems. Unfortunately our hard work was not generating the profit nor growth we wanted. Strategex listened to our needs and then provided an implementable process and training to help us refocus our effort and execute at a whole new level. They were instrumental in driving a business transformation that yielded more than 200% in profit growth last year. Our metrics are now far above benchmarks in our industry and growing. They have been true partners, challenging us to change our thinking but also flexing and adapting to work within our current needs and constraints. I highly recommend talking to Strategex about your business growth needs.
— Stephen D. Johannsen, President, RMT Inc.

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