Find the Key to True Profitability.

Data speaks volumes. That’s why our strategies begin with research and analysis. Let us show you how to effectively allocate your resources and transform your business completely — with added profits and long-term value.

In order for your company to grow in a meaningful and sustainable way, we need to begin with the right foundation. We’ll study your financials, analyze your business, and prescribe highly customized strategies for improving the value of your business.

We’ll coach you and teach you how to take charge of leading your business to success and long-term profitability. We’ll assess your products, production, pricing, and admin/accounting practices, and deliver data-driven solutions to improve your bottom line, and ultimately, your top-line growth.

Learn how, by simplifying your business first, you can drastically drive up earnings growth. 

Our people have a passion for our clients and for solving complex environmental engineering problems. Unfortunately our hard work was not generating the profit nor growth we wanted. Strategex listened to our needs and then provided an implementable process and training to help us refocus our effort and execute at a whole new level. They were instrumental in driving a business transformation that yielded more than 200% in profit growth last year. Our metrics are now far above benchmarks in our industry and growing. They have been true partners, challenging us to change our thinking but also flexing and adapting to work within our current needs and constraints. I highly recommend talking to Strategex about your business growth needs.
— Stephen D. Johannsen, President, RMT Inc.

80/20: Optimize your Business with the Pareto Principle

What is the Pareto Principle? It's simple to understand, but for most businesses, challenging to apply.

Approximately 80% of a company’s value (measured by revenue) is derived from only 20% of its resources or efforts (its product lines and customer base). Pareto called it the law of the "trivial many and the critical few."

Strategex’s 80/20 Profit Enhancement experts eat, sleep, and breathe 80/20. They have implemented this concept successfully time and time again. The approach is strictly empirical and data-driven, free of bias or canned recommendations.  After researching and assessing your fundamentals, Strategex will prescribe strategies to simplify your business and generate both immediate and long-term profitability.

Simplify — Avoid the Most Common Business Mistakes

The Pareto Principle has been widely touted as a business axiom for over a century, but few people appreciate its implications or implement it correctly. Unfortunately, 80/20 is often discussed at length, applied selectively, or even misunderstood. Consequently, few companies who believe they're following the principle see any benefit.

You Can't Grow Your Way to Profitability

That may sound like heresy to many, but it's been proven time and again in every industry. Choose your business goal: do you want to just get bigger and bigger — more products, more customers, more employees, more factories — or do you want real earnings growth? If true profitability sounds like the correct objective for you, let us show you how to get there.

Lean is Great, But It's Not Always the Solution

We have plenty of respect for lean manufacturing and its adherents, but lean is not Step One to profitability. Why? True profitability is based on being highly selective in your business efforts and focusing on your best resources. Applying lean practices to nonperforming resources can, at best, reduce your losses.

Simplify and Improve First-Pass Yield

Maintaining a wide array of products or services can stretch your resources thin and limit quality, making it nearly impossible to reach Six Sigma. We show businesses how to improve sigma levels and reduce overhead costs through the process of Product Line Simplification (PLS). Once you've simplified your offerings and have begun to produce better quality products, you can then apply lean principles to make those manufacturing processes the most efficient they can be.

The Story of 80/20

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