Use Customer Insights to Drive Top Line
Growth and Bottom Line Profitability.

Find market insights that will ensure customer loyalty. Then put those insights into a long-term plan of action for improvement.

Channel problems? Branding confusion? Pricing issues? The solution rests in the voice of your customers.

It’s time to find the core needs of your target customers. Our research is not solely about surveys and numbers. It’s about what your customers are saying about you, your competitors, your products, your services, and your support. It’s about discovering what will make you stand apart from the competition.

Strategex goes beyond other Voice of the Customer programs — we don’t stop at research. We help turn our findings into action plans for future improvement, then assist you in making real change. By acting on our findings, we bring life to the data on a sheet. We help businesses experience true transformation — not just hope for it.

We ask. We listen. Then we help you make long-term improvements.

Why Voice of the Customer?

Understanding your customers is the essence of all our growth strategy services. We know which questions to ask and how to listen. Let Strategex discover the market insights that will enable your team to ensure customer loyalty and grow your business.

Strategex’s Voice of the Customer marketing research focuses like a laser on the key concerns of your customers. Do they like what you’re doing? What are your key improvement areas? Will they remain loyal to you? Would they recommend you to others?

Most importantly, we’ll explore what you need to do to turn moderately satisfied customers into influential promoters of your business. Happy customers stay loyal and will spread the word for you — they are your best tool for long-term growth.

Make Customer Satisfaction a Central Part of Your Strategy

Our independent research staff gets directly to the heart of your business relationships. Our in-depth surveys reveal what customers are really thinking about your company — and how you might have to change to support their success in the future.

 We connect customer satisfaction directly to your company’s continuous improvement.

How is Strategex's VOC Research Different?

Strategex VOC is action-oriented VOC. We listen and learn, then help you act quickly and constructively on what we hear. We’ll work together with you and your management team to turn unhappy customers into good customers — and bump the rest up from good to great.

Strategex researchers have many years of experience working with a wide range of companies in myriad industries around the world. Our experience, tools, and techniques in business-to-business Voice of the Customer are unparalleled.

We don’t stop with a single research report. We’re experts at solving difficult problems in a variety of sectors, even across languages and cultures.

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