Our Quality of Customers® Process is Proven.

We can deftly and quickly get to the core of your target's customer relationship. We accomplish this making no mention of the deal, positioning our work as a customer survey.

Five Proven Steps to Find your Target's QofC®:

  • Identify Customers to Target:
    Focus on top customers and key decision makers that have the greatest impact on valuation and future growth. These customers represent the primary drivers of revenue and profit.

  • Conduct Interviews:
    Interviews are scheduled and conducted by Strategex. The discussion is positioned as a customer satisfaction survey only, no mention of a potential acquisition.

  • Produce Data Analysis Report:
    Strategex gathers all of the insights and creates a report that identifies:

    • Customer relationships at-risk
    • Outlook for future growth
    • Prioritized recommendations
  • Present to Management:
    We present the findings to your team which include both a revenue outlook for the company and a comparative benchmark to key competitors in the industry.

  • Collaborate on Due Diligence Insights:
    Our team works with you to prioritize your next steps and develop a strategic growth plan based on our findings.

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Fast Turnaround with Long Term Results

The sooner you know how customers feel about the business, the faster you can pinpoint the key issues to make a change across the organization. We can conduct the research and produce an actionable report in only 3 - 4 weeks.

Talk to us about your customer due diligence and we will uncover the Quality of Customers®.

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