Our Methods are One of a Kind.

Strategex approaches market research in a way that is unique, thoughtful, and tailored to your company’s needs and goals. Our proven techniques go to the core of your business needs and customers’ insights to increase loyalty, drive more referrals, and grow your business. We design our research to discover solutions to your challenges.

Our survey methods include one-on-one phone interviews, Web surveys, and in-person interviews.

One-on-One Phone Interviews

We design our phone interviews to elicit both quantitative and qualitative responses. We also encourage in-depth discussions with your customers about their needs and perceptions. Strategex has developed a library of tried-and-true questions, but is also capable of fully customizing a questionnaire depending on a client's need.

 We most frequently interview customers, but we also speak to non-customers (e.g., prospects, employees, vendors). Depending on the nature of the project, we may reveal the name of your company, or we may conduct the study “blind” — hiding the name of the company from the research respondent.

Web Surveys

Using our online survey tool, we can reach anywhere from a few hundred customers to a few thousand. Surveys may range from a simple short-form approach to a more in-depth questionnaire, depending on the nature of the issues being researched.

We typically use a leading survey tool to conduct our research, but upon request we can utilize a client’s in-house platform if desired.


Certain projects benefit from face-to-face contact which we accomplish through selective focus groups. Focus groups are perfect for new product research where observation and social interaction is a key element of the research process.

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