Assess the Strength of a Target's Customer Relationships.
Its Quality of Customers®.

Are you considering an acquisition? You need to learn key details about the company's customers to gauge future success.

Our QofC® M&A Research

An often-overlooked way to gain this insight is to assess the quality of your target's customer relationships. Strategex unearths the quality of customer relationships, or QofC®, using our trusted Voice of the Customer research process.

An Investment in M&A Security

Our proven process gets to the core of your target's revenue base and provides you with the security to move forward on appropriate financial terms. QofC® due diligence research is an investment that can save you from over paying for a transaction and can pave the way for substantial future growth.

Ultimately you get to the Net Promoter Score and that’s going to tell you whether you’re going to win or lose. Unlike a lot of diligence, which I think the management teams think is check-the-box and superfluous, this diligence is an actionable game plan for the management team post-close. It provides them meaty information that they can respond to and probably wouldn’t get from their customer on their own. There’s a level of candor and disarmament that occurs in this process that allows them to get a fairly unique view on how to win.
— Private Equity Acquirer

Quick Turnaround with Long Term Results

We can deftly and quickly get to the core of your target's customer relationship. The sooner you know how customers feel about the business, the faster you can pinpoint the key issues to make a change across the organization.

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